Welcome to the Code Red Robotics Family of Teams

  Serving Byron Center Public Schools 

Team 2771 – Code Red Robotics –
The Stray Dogs

Robotics for high school students.

Team 5383 – Neutrinos – Breaking the Laws of Physics
Team 5384 – Emergency Situation –
Evacuate NOW!!

Robotics for 7th and 8th grade
middle school students.

nrg_logo Team NRG – Next Robotics Generation!

Robotics for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade
elementary school students.

During our 2022-2023 robotics season, FIRST® ENERGIZE presented by Qualcomm, FIRST teams will reimagine the future of sustainable energy and power their ideas forward. Innovation can’t wait.

About Code Red Robotics

Code Red Robotics is a FIRST Robotics family of teams based in West Michigan. Our mission is to shape students into problem solvers, innovators, and self-starters by competing in the FIRST Robotics Competitions. We build robots to build better people!

Our teams are:

  • Code Red Robotics/Stray Dogs FRC Team 2771
  • Neutrinos/Breaking the Laws of Physics FTC Team 5383
  • Emergency Situation/Evacuate NOW! FTC Team 5384
  • NRG/Next Robotics Generation

Code Red Robotics is a community-based team, meaning we welcome students from all schools.  Our team currently comes from eight different schools including home school.  We are partnered with Byron Center Public Schools as the “home team” for robotics in the district. Code Red wants to extend the opportunity to participate in robotics to students in the community. If you’re at a school without a robotics program, consider joining a Code Red team. For more information, email info@coderedrobotics.com, or visit our contact page. We’d love to hear from you!