Basic Team Facts

Rookie Year2009
LocationBuild Space generously provided by Autocam:
4159 Brockton Drive SE Suite B
Kentwood, MI 49512
Schools Represented (2016-17)Allegan High School
Byron Center High School
Caledonia High School
Forest Hills Central High School
Grandville High School
Home school
NorthPointe Christian School
South Christian High School
Student Demographics (2016-17)26 Students
7 girls; 20 boys
2 seniors, 4 juniors, 10 sophomores, 10 freshmen
Mentors19 Mentors
•6 Engineers
•7 Technical
•1 Teacher
•5 College students

Code Red’s Sub-Teams

Code Red is organized into seven sub-teams to make our team run efficiently and make sure students are working with what they are interested in.  Check out our sub-teams.  Which one would you want to be a part of if you were on the team?

Design TeamThis team takes the ideas of the team and turns them into components that will become the robot using CAD. The CAD drawings are sent to our fabricator, who makes the parts.
Build TeamThis team builds the robot from the components we get from the fabricator. The team also builds parts to the robot that we can make in-house.
Wiring and Controls TeamThis team wires the robot so that it has electrical power and the capabilities for programming. Then they program the robot to drive and follow a series of commands for the autonomous portion of the game
Drive TeamThis is a team of seven students who drive the robot at the competitions. The drive team consists of two drivers, a drive coach, and two human players. Two additional team member serve as a match analyzer and “pit boss”.
Presentation TeamThis team creates the elements that make up the submission for the Chairman’s Award. It an essay, a video, and a presentation with a visual aid. This team also makes arrangements for community and school demonstrations and other outreach events
Marketing TeamThis team creates and maintains published materials about the team, the robot, and activities. This includes creating flyers, updating and maintaining the business plan, maintaining the website, and making pins and “trinkets” to hand out at competitions. They also take care of arranging outreach activities for the team.
Scouting TeamThis team talks to other teams and observes robot performance during matches at competitions to learn what other team’s robots can and cannot do in the game. This is done for the purpose of match strategy and determining tournament alliances.