What is NRG?

NRG is a collaboration of FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team mentors and students who are creating a program to educate young students in the field of robotics. In NRG, we strive to get young minds interested in STEM to lead the way to a better future. Code Red Robotics founded the NRG program in 2015 to fulfill these goals.

In NRG we use small Arduino robots that we program in C based Arduino code. The robots are controlled wirelessly from an smartphone. Each student will receive their own robot at the beginning of the season that they will build, program and compete with. We will be asking the parents to participate and help their child in this amazing program. Not only is this a great opportunity to learn more about science and technology, it is also a bonding experience for both the parent and child. We also hope the NRG program will better prepare students for the FTC program when they reach middle school. Our goal is to learn new skills that participants will be able to apply in their future, because Code Red is about Building Robots to Build Better People.

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