ue to the restrictions that remain in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, holding our traditional robotics summer camp format is not feasible this year.  The good news, however, is that Code Red will still be offering a hybrid version of our NRG Robotics Summer Camp in July!  We are pleased to announce a robotics summer camp that includes take home elements, Robot and STEM Challenge Contests, in-person robot help sessions, and an in-person award and demonstration event at the end.  Our robotics summer camp this year will start with a pick-up evening, where families can stop by our build space and pick up Robotics Summer Camp Kits.  Included in the kits will be an Arduino robot kit to assemble, five robot challenges to complete with the assembled robot, and four STEM challenges to complete.  During the 1 week camp time frame, students can assemble their robots with the help of a parent at home or they can attend an outdoor robot assembly night at our build space.  We will also offer a drop-in outdoor troubleshooting and robot help session at our build space half way through the camp session to address any questions or issues with robot assembly.  Once the robot is assembled, students can complete the robot and STEM challenges using items provided in the camp kit and at home.  Students and parents can then video tape or photograph the completion of the challenges and submit them to a scavenger hunt app called Goose Chase.  Code Red students and mentors will view the videos and photographs and determine the winners for each challenge as well as other awards for robots and creativity.  At the end of the camp time frame, students, parents, and teachers are invited to attend an outdoor award event where students can drive their robots on a NRG field and awards will be given out.

For more information or to reserve a spot, email linda.baas@coderedrobotics.com

To register, use the form linked here and follow the directions on the form for registering.

NRG Summer Camp Registration Form