ode Red will once again offer a NRG Robotics Summer Camp in 2020. NRG stands for Next Robotics Generation. It is a program designed and run by our high school FRC students. NRG Summer Camp is for students who have just finished grades 4-6 and an adult family member (parent/guardian). Together, students and parents build an Arduino robot to play a game designed by Code Red’s FRC students. Each student builds his/her own robot. NRG Summer Camp meets Monday-Thursday evening and Saturday morning. The evening meetings include building and modifying an Arduino robot as well as problem-solving and teamwork activities. At the end of the week, on Saturday, we will hold a tournament where students will compete with their robots and play the game. Dates for this year’s Summer Camp is: June 8-11 and 13.

For more information or to reserve a spot, email linda.baas@coderedrobotics.com

To register, use the form linked here and follow the directions on the form for registering.

NRG Summer Camp Registration Form