NRG Resources

Below is zipped file containing the Arduino programming code to drive your robot using either a PC with Bluetooth and a Logitech game controller or with and Android based phone.  Unfortunately, the Bluetooth radio on the robot is not compatible with Apple IOS devices.

You can download the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) here:  The IDE is required to transfer the drive program onto the robot’s Arduino board.  The README files contained in the zip file explain this process in more detail.

NRG Kerrehzee Kourse 2018 Resources

Students participating in NRG for the second (or more) time are learning basic Arduino programming techniques while first-time students assemble their robots.  For 2018, returning students will be competing in Kerrehzee Kourse (crazy course) autonomous rover challenge.  Below is the game description and a zip file containing example autonomous sketches.  Read the comments in the sketch files for clues on how you might modify the examples to be more competitive in the Kerrehzee Kourse competition.

NRG Kerrehzee Kourse Autonomous Rover Example Sketches 2018 (zip file)

Unzip the folders in this zip file to the “My Documents/Arduino” folder on you computer.