Fall 2011: FTC Has Started

FIRST Tech Challenge has come to the State of Michigan this year. FTC for short. FTC is a robotics program for middle schoolers, to put something in between the FLL program and the FRC program. In precious years, middle schoolers in Michigan did not have a robotics program to come to in between FIRST Lego League, and FIRST Robotics Competition. Now, Code Red is now hosting two FTC teams.

Learn more at: www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/ftc

VIEW FTC UPDATES AT: www.coderedrobotics.com/FTC

VIEW FTC GAME VIDEO HERE: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/ftc/2011-2012-game-info



2011-2012 Pre-Season

Code Red has kicked off the season with its annual pre-season meetings! The build season doesn’t start until January 9th, but Code Red believes that we shouldn’t put things off until the end of the season. Code Red doesn’t only build robots, but builds better people in our community.  Code Red Robotics wishes you the best of luck in the upcoming season.

US Army Robot

The US Army came to the Code Red build space on June 29, 2011 to demonstrate a new robot that can do reconnaissance missions, and go places where it is to dangerous to send a human being.  That was the main reason that it was made, so we could spare lives.  Go to the Army Robot Page, here.


Welcome To Code Red Robotics

We are based at Grand River Prep High school, but we do have room for students from other area high schools. Code Red wants to extend the opportunity to participate in robotics to students in the community. If you’re at a school without a robotics program, consider joining Code Red, Team 2771. For more information, email info@coderedrobotics.com, We’d love to hear from you!

Our passion is: ROBOTS

Our Goals:

  • to design, build and compete with innovative robots
  • to develop well-rounded students who practice gracious professionalism
  • to sustain excellence in engineering and excellence in the community

We started our team from scratch with only a handful of committed students and some willing mentors. With determination, hard work, and help from corporate partners, we are starting to achieve our goals. Code Red works hard at collaboration. We’ve met with local businesses and interviewed CEO’s and engineers. We’ve worked with schools and other FIRST teams. Our partners have donated a nice build space, parts and financial support. Parents and Mentors have brought supplies, guidance and meals. Code Red students continue to meet with local businesses and organizations to spread the word about FIRST Robotics.


Our Vision:

We, the team of Code Red Robotics, Team 2771 are committed to Excellence.

We will strive to attain personal excellence, excellence of our team mates,and excellence from our team as a whole.

As individuals we will work towards positive attitudes commitment,integrity, and determination.

We will help out teammates by being respectful, encouraging, and helpful.

We will succeed as a team though teamwork, communication, efficiency , conflict management, and respect.