Mock Kickoff 2013

FREE workshop for all FRC teams!!

The Mock Kickoff is coming! On November 16, the 2013 Mock Kickoff will be held at the Eberhard center, GVSU Grand Rapids campus.  Here we will present a game from the past, then break off into groups for brainstorming, game analysis, problem solving, robot design and idea presentation. Hope to see you there!

Students, coaches and Mentors;

Veterans and Rookies!

Please help up prepare a pizza count and send a email to with a estimate of attendees


Code Red Robotics MOCK Kickoff

Saturday November 16, 2013

Eberhard Center

GVSU Grand Rapids Campus

301 Fulton St W
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-6430

8:30 am     Team check-in, settle in Teleconference room
9:00 am     Begin program, Introduce the game
9:30 am     Breakout sessions
11:15- Noon FREE PIZZA and drinks for Lunch

Announcing Red Alert

Code Red is proud to announce its new bimonthly newsletter, Red Alert. The newsletter is our newest way to keep students, parents, and sponsors updated with our latest news as well as alert newcomers to the program of our team.

Read our first issue here.

Driving FIRST Forward!

Cause PlateDriving FIRST Forward is a program, started by Code Red Robotics, with the goal of creating a “FIRST in Michigan” Cause License Plate. In order to add a new Cause Plate to the registry, we need to ensure the State Government that we will sell 2500 within 24 months. Cause plates add $35 to the price of a license plate, and $10 annually for renewal. However, $25 of the $35 goes to the non-profit organization, as well as the full $10 renewal. That means that when you buy a plate, $25 goes to FIRST in Michigan, and when you renew it, every penny goes to FIRST in Michigan. This is an amazing fund raiser for FIM, which works hard to promote STEM education in Michigan.

This Year’s Game: Ultimate Ascent

Ultamte Accent
Ultimate Ascent is played by two alliances of three robots, on each side of the field. In autonomous mode, the robots shoot frisbees at different slots to score points. Since the robots are working on their own at this point, the amount of points scored in autonomous are raised.

After autonomous mode, the drivers step forward to take the controls. Robots are directed to pick up and shoot as many frisbees as possible before time runs out. For additional points, robots may climb the pyramid-shaped jungle gym and perch there until the end of the game.

FIRST Green E-Watt Saver LED Light Bulb

FIRST, through sponsorship from Google, has provided a very cool, 60 watt energy energy saving LED light bulb. Buy one from Code Red Robotics for $20 and help support out team. Go here for more info about the awesome FIRST Green E-Watt Saver! Contact or stop in at the Wyoming Chamber of Commerce!

FRC 2013 Season

The new season for FIRST Robotics Competition is here!! The Game this year is called Ultimate Ascent! Robots will aim and shoot frisbees at slot at the end of the playing field, with pyramids to score at in the middle of the field for bonus points. For the end game, robot get extra points for climbing the different levels of the pyramid. We’re looking forward to the competitions! See you there!!