FRC 2018 Season: A Season to Remember

Code Red Robotics was able to have a successful FRC season playing FIRST Power-Up. We were fortunate to be able to participate in 5 FRC Events: Plainfield, Indiana, East Kentwood, Forest Hills, the Michigan State Championship, and the Detroit World Championship. Throughout the season we had many triumphs and victories for our team. We performed very well at both East Kentwood where we finished with the title of finalist against Stryke Force, and Forest Hills where we finished as finalists against the Comets. We were very happy that we were able to perform so well despite the tough competition we were up against. At the Michigan State Championship, Code Red did very well and actually finished Qualification Matches in 1st place! After making it through all of the elimination matches we ended up losing in the Finals to the team that would go on to win the entire championship. Doing so well at the state level was really exciting for our team and it is an accomplishment that we are very proud of.

Code Red was also highly decorated with awards during this season. We received the Team Spirit award at the Plainfield, Indiana event, the Chairman’s award at the East Kentwood event, and the Quality award at the Forest Hills event. Code Red also celebrated our first student to ever win the Dean’s List award. Cymbre Scott not only won at the District Level, but she also won at the State level and was able to compete for the award at the world level and attend the Dean’s List banquet at the World Championship.

During the 2018 offseason, Code Red competed at the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI), West Michigan Robotics Invitational (WMRI), and also the Grand Rapids Girls competition in Wyoming, Michigan. We fought hard at IRI, but got eliminated in the semi finals. At the Grand Rapids Girls event our all girls team competed spectacularly and were the first pick of the second alliance. After a hard fought round of elimination matches, we finished as finalists. At the West Michigan Robotics Invitational, we took the opportunity that many other teams take to train our new drive team members on driving during WMRI. We had a great competition and we finished the tournament being eliminated in quarter finals.

All in all, Code Red is happy to have performed so well.  2018 will definitely be a season that is talked about for a long time.

2018 was Code Red’s first season with a swerve drive robot.