NRG Students Kick-off Summer with Robotics Summer Camp

In June of 2019, Code Red ran our 5th annual NRG summer camp for students in grades 4-6.  For one week, students built their own robots, learned how to program them, and practiced driving to play our 2018 Game: NRG LIFTOFF. This year’s summer camp took place at Byron Center Countryside Elementary school for 5 days. We had 25 students this year who enjoyed learning how to build and program their own robots then play in the tournament.  We played fun team building games throughout the week, such as a balloon animal balloon tower building contest, “Lava Pit”, and “Think Like a Robot”. During these games, kids learn teamwork and take a break from all that hard work building robots. On the 5th day Code Red’s FRC students ran a competition complete with referees, qualification matches, and finals. They also designed and produced original software to run the scoring of the event.   It was a successful week with several of the students excited to return for another season of NRG in the fall.

Tournament Day!
The Challenge: get the hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of a teammate’s hands