Code Red Partners with Area Teams to Run the Second Annual Fall Robotics Workshop

With an ever growing number of FRC teams in West Michigan, there is a need for information and training about all things FIRST and robotics for these area teams.  To fulfill that need, a group of eight area FIRST Robotics Competition teams partnered together on October 26, 2019, to run the 2nd Annual Fall Robotics Workshop. The event took place at Grand Valley State University’s Kennedy Hall of Engineering.  Each team presented at least one workshop; some workshops were one hour workshop repeated throughout the day while others offered a beginner and advanced version of the topic. Topics offered were: Kickoff and Brainstorming, FIRST Information, Running Effective Team Meetings, Team Safety, Chairman’s Chat, CAD, Electrical, Pneumatics, Manipulator Types, Labview, Game Strategy, Scouting Data and Analysis, and Writing College and Scholarship Application Essays.  Code Red Robotics led the workshops on Kickoff and College/Scholarship Essays. Over 250 students from all over Michigan attended the Fall Robotics Workshop in 2019, an increase from the first one in 2018. Passing along information and assistance to mentors and students from other teams was a rewarding experience, but probably even more rewarding was the opportunity to network and share ideas.