Code Red Runs its Fall Season of NRG with another new game: City Clean-up

In the fall of 2019, it was time for another exciting season of NRG.  At the first meeting, we revealed our newest game; CITY CLEANUP, designed, developed, and built by our FRC students. The season runs from September to October, meeting once a week to build Arduino robots and play games to learn teamwork. The goal of this year’s game was to push pieces of PVC (called scrap metal) up, into, and under ramps (into the Recycling bin, Reusing facility, and Repurposing Shop) for points. The NRG students enjoyed the challenge of maneuvering through an obstacle course, multiple ways to score, and completing the end game task off placing a “bush” large plastic ball) on top of the recycling bin.  The high school students had the experience of brainstorming a game, troubleshooting it, working out the rules and penalties, building a field and game pieces, and writing a game manual. During the six team sessions, 4th-6th grade students began the evening by playing team building or engineering games such as “Moving marbles” and an Engineering Escape Room. After team building time, first year students worked on building their robots and learning how to drive them. Second year students learned some basic programming with the goal of creating a program that would make their robots finish an autonomous obstacle course.  At the end of the six weeks, FRC students ran a full competition with live scoring, qualification and final matches, and an award ceremony. We had 25 students and 13 of them were 2nd and 3rd year students.