With the start of a new season in 2016, it was time to create our Chairman’s Award submission once again.  The submission would consist of an essay, a video, a presentation to a panel of judges, and published materials that highlighted all of Code Red’s activities.  The Chairman’s sub-team began the process by determining the theme for 2016, Doing MORE.  With the theme established, the work was underway.  With persistent work and attention to detail, the team completed the essay, practiced the presentation, developed a creative visual aid, practiced the presentation, created a comprehensive video, practiced the speech, practiced for the questions the judges would ask and practiced for the presentation.

We presented our Chairman’s Award at our home event, East Kentwood High School, and everything went smoothly.  When it came time for the awards to be announced, we eagerly awaited the Chairman’s Award, the last award of the day, to be announced.  To our delight, Code Red was announced as the winners of the Chairman’s Award!  It was an honor to be recognized.