Every summer for two days, Code Red participates the GR Maker Faire, which takes place at the Grand Rapids Public Museum and next door in the Engineering Building for Grand Valley State University. Code Red has a large display set up in the GVSU building. We have several parts to our display. In one section of our display, we set up a NRG field. NRG is our elementary program where each student builds and competes with their own Arduino robot. Children visiting the display can drive an Arduino robot and earn a Robot Driver’s License. A second part of our display in an information stop where students can learn more about FIRST, STEM, and the Code Red family of teams. We have out pit set up in this area along with informational materials and a series of videos running that illustrate what we do. At this display, visitors can race a Rubik’s Cube solving robot to see if they can solve it faster than the robot. The robot usually wins. The third section of our display is where we have our competition robots operating to show visitors how they work and what they can do.